5 Property Management Tasks to Prior to the Holidays

When you are busy preparing for the upcoming holiday season, even the simplest task can be forgotten. So, to help you avoid forgetting your tasks, here are the 5 property management tasks you need to do before the holidays.

  1. Make sure to notify your landlords, tenants, and vendors about your office holiday period.

While you might be enjoying your holiday vacation, your tenant might be freaking out about a burst pipe or invasion of insects. In any case, they might need to contact you immediately.

So, it is important that you inform your clients and vendors that you’re on holiday. You can send a Season Greetings email indicating that you will be out of the office. 

Your out-of-office message should include the reasons why you are gone, the period or the length of days you will be gone, your date of return, and the best person to contact when urgent help is needed.

Your out-of-office email should indicate the contact details of the best person to contact in your absence. Your substitute should be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary in handling issues with tenants or owners while you’re on holiday.  

    2.  Make sure there is a way to pay the landlords and vendors

If you are going on holiday at the end of the month or mid of the month, make sure that there is a way to pay the landlords and vendors. You can arrange for someone to do it for you or you can do it yourself online. If none of the options are feasible, you can pay the landlords and vendors before your office holiday period

    3. Send your tenants a home security checklist

During holidays, the case of burglaries rises as gifts are left in the living room for display, making it a prime time for burglars. This is the reason it is imperative to send your tenants a home security checklist before the holiday period so they can take anticipatory security measures.

     4.     Engage with clients

As a property manager, your foundation should be built on trust and communication and that’s why you should engage with your tenants, landlords, and the local community in the lead up to the holiday season. You can host a socially distanced gathering, send a holiday email, greeting cards, or small give to simply express gratitude.

This will help deepen your relationship with existing clients and help you establish rapport with prospective clients.


    5. Plan ahead

Imagine coming back to work after the holidays to a messy desk and pile of overdue tasks.

It is always a good idea to take a step back, assess things, and plan ahead. Ask yourself - how can you set things up for success upon your return?

This could mean decluttering your physical and digital workspace to reduce distractions. This could also mean getting ahead on a task such as inspection planning, maintenance, and tidying up accounts.

Thanks for reading this blog about the 5 property management tasks to do before the holidays! Let us know your thoughts on this blog.


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