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Are you a first-time landlord? It can be hard enough letting a property without the added confusion of some of the industry terms used by letting agents, tenants, contractors, and other vendors in the property market industry. We have gathered to help landlords old and new, with a glossary of useful terms. Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR (“ADR”) – refers to the means of settling disputes outside the court. The common forms are arbitration and mediation. Arrears – refers to the money owed such as unpaid rent. If the tenant has two months unpaid rent, there are “two months in arrears”. AST – stands for Assured Shorthold Tenancy. The main feature of this type of tenancy is the landlord can evict a tenant without a reason, but the landlord must follow the eviction procedure – giving a notice to tenant and getting a court order for eviction. The contract can be fixed term or periodic. Buy-to-let (“BTL”) – refers to buying a property to rent out. Client Money Protection (“CMP”

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