With the imposed lockdown, Can I still view, buy, sell and move house?

The rates of people getting Covid-19 are rising and the government has set new rules and have created a three-tier system to help control the spread of the Coronavirus. Regions in the country are now classified according to the three-tier system – medium, high, or very high. And each tier has different lockdown rules.

● Tier 1 – Medium Alert

It has the features of the current rules – rules of six and the closing of pubs at 10 pm

● Tier 2 – High-risk level

People must follow the tier 1 rules and people cannot mix with other household indoors

● Tier 3 – Very high-risk level

People are banned from household mixing and all bars and pubs are closed.


On Saturday, October 17, London has moved from the Tier 1 alert to Tier 2 alert. What does this mean?

It means that you will not be able to meet individuals with who you do not live with even your family and friends. With an exception, if you have created a support bubble with them.

You are only allowed to meet with a maximum of 6 others outdoor like the garden or park. And must follow social distancing rules.

Pubs and restaurants are still open, but they are required to close at 10 pm. While takeaways are still allowed but orders should be made through online, by phone, or by post.

Can I still view house during a local lockdown?

With the latest lockdown measures, in some areas, the viewing of houses can be more difficult. The current government advice still states that in-person property viewing can still take place with appropriate precautions. Nevertheless, some sellers may decide to suspend viewing of the property or may do them virtually.

Can I still list my house for sale during a local lockdown?

Listing your house for sale is still applicable during a local lockdown. You may want to appoint a local estate agent. You may give them a call if you wish to speak to them and book an appointment.

 Can I still buy a house during a local lockdown?

The process of searching for a house can be done online. Buying a house during a local lockdown is still possible. You may want to look for estate agents and give them a call.

Can I still move house during a local lockdown?

Moving house can still be done during lockdown but the government advises that you do the packing yourself. There are certain rules when someone outside your household is helping you.

There might be delays in the process. Please be reminded that property agents and other professionals have modified how they work to minimize the risk from Covid-19.

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