Most Common Complaints of Tenants at Check-In

Most tenants are very particular about the state of the property. They want to love their new home below is the list of common complaints tenants have at check-in.

  1. Lack of cleanliness of the property. It sets a negative tone at the beginning of the tenancy.
  2. The landlords left so things in the property that tenants do not want in the property such as ornaments and items in the drawers or shelves.
  3. The kitchen has too much cutlery and kitchen wares that tenants do not want to use as they have their own.
  4. Unwanted beddings as the tenants have their own.
  5. Maintenance or repair works that are incomplete.
  6. There are items left in the toilet that the tenants to want to use as they have their own.
  7. The appliances that the landlords provide do not have manuals or instructions. There should be manuals or instruction booklets of the appliances for their reference.
  8. Tenants were not advised in advance of their check-in that some things promised at the agreement of the tenancy were not met.


Remember, that having a happy tenant is the key to a successful letting.

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