UK Entered Third National Lockdown: What does this mean for house moves?


Covid-19 cases are rising across the UK rapidly. This prompted the UK to enter another national lockdown. The UK has entered the third lockdown last January 4, 2021. We are all asked to stay at home, work from home where we can, and all schools are closed with online learning for most. England is in lockdown until mid February half-term.


So, what does this mean for house viewing, sale, purchase, or move? House moves are one of the exceptions, and, therefore, will still be allowed. 


Can I still view house while in lockdown?

Yes, viewing of houses is still allowed despite the lockdown as estate and letting agents can continue to work. Traveling to other areas to view a property involving in buying, selling, moving, or renting a house can still be carried out. 

All parties should follow the safety procedures that the UK government has required in moving homes, which include social distancing, washing hands regularly, and wearing a facial covering. 

In viewing of properties, you should have an appointment and there should be no more than two (2) households inside the property at the same time. This includes any agent accompanying either party. And landlords or homeowners should keep the internal doors open. And after the viewing, the surfaces and door handles should be cleaned. 


Can I still move house while in lockdown?

Yes. The sales and rental housing markets are still open. But all should follow the national guidance on moving home.


Can a relative or friend help me move?

People outside your house or support bubble should not help with moving house unless it's ’absolutely necessary’. 


Can I still list my home for sale despite lockdown?

Yes, you list your home. You can appoint an estate agent. You can still market your home and estate agents can visit the property to take photos or videos of your property.


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